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Tank 101

In between work, I've been surfing some reference materials for my recent model projects and found these really nifty entries including a parts/name diagram and a list of modern MBTs. I hope this is helpful to other scale modellers.

Wikipedia's entry on Tanks
Wikipedia's entry on Tanks in World War 2
Wikipedia's List of Main Battle Tanks by Country

Modern Armoured Combat Vehicles of the British Army

Tank diagram from Wikipedia


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1/144 Heavy Metal!

The wife and I got home quite late last night and after a good dinner highlighted by her delicious fern salad, we killed some time before heading off to bed. She had some emails to write and so I searched around the bodega for something I could build really quick. I found some 1/144 kits that I had picked up a few years back and decided that they wer perfect for a modelling quickfix.

First up were some Soviet T-72 M2's from a maker named Mini Hobby Models. I think it's a Chinese maker. The T-72 was the most common tank used by the Warsaw Pact from the 1970s to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Iraqi T-72s that fought in the First Gulf War in 1991 were outclassed by western tanks but whether their loss was due to the tank's deficiencies, poor Iraqi training/doctrine or both, is up to debate.

The model's a pretty easty build but the plastic is of low-quality. Even though the details were crisp, the sprue locator marred some of the details and rescuing the surface from d…

WIP Delta Force Somalia

I dug up my WIP of Dragon Model's 1:35 Delta Force (Somalia 1993) and prepped them again for painting. I'm hoping to do a better paint job this time around and not surrender to lethargy:)

DML's kit features four US soldiers as they would have appeared in operations during the Battle of Mogadishu '93 during the events chronicled in Mark Bowden's "Blackhawk Down: A Story of Modern War" and Ridley Scott's film of the same name. Here's a helpful review of this 1994 kit by Peter Ong at TRACK-LINK. 

As an aside, the reviewer notes that the M24 sniper rifle shown in the box art and supplied with one of the figures was probably not used during the said events. Instead, the figure would have been more probably armed with an M14 or a shotgun instead. In addition, there is also doubt on the use of  the H&K MP5SD3 in Somalia. Since I have four more boxes of the same kit in storage, I may use some of the weapons there and just arm them with M4 carbines.


Armourfast 1/72 Pz Kpfw III Aus G

I decided to work on something a bit simpler and stepped away from the Jagdtiger project for the moment. I normally post my wargaming stuff on Men in Boxes but I decided that since the topic was more on making a simple tank kit, maybe they'd be better off here. What I've unboxed here are two boxes of Armourfast's quick-build Pz Kpfw III Aus G's in 1/72 scale.

The kits are very, very simple to build with just the chassis, the left and right tracks and road wheels, the hull, turret and gun making up the parts, aside from a few detailing stuff. You'de need to clean up some mold lines but these are very minimal. Aligning the tracks and roadwheel assemblies will entail some eyeballing with reference material as essential since there are no locator pins. The same goes for the little pasrts that attach to the superstructure and turrets. Armourfast  didn't provide locator holes for any:(

I built up two boxes worth in an hour and primed and sprayed them a desert yell…